Cletus Carvalho MD

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In today's busy and complicated world, we often struggle with feeling stuck or being pulled in different directions by life's many priorities. Sometimes we have complicated relationships with family or loved ones, continue to be affected by past traumas or have ongoing problems at home and work. Many are also faced with having to make difficult decisions in their careers or personal lives while others can't understand why they keep repeating the same self-destructive or counterintuitive behavior patterns even though they know better. Depression, anxiety, anger, irritability, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, PTSD and memory disorders are also common conditions that afflict and impair many. All these problems can leave a person feeling extremely frustrated, overwhelmed, and in despair. 

I am a psychiatrist/psychotherapist who practices timely, compassionate, comprehensive and confidential care. I specialize in seeing patients in INPATIENT PSYCHIATRIC UNITS & in NURSING HOMES.  

I no longer see patients in my outpatient office.

I've been fortunate to have helped hundreds of people in Kentucky for over 15 years as they've struggled with all kinds of emotional and psychological issues. These have ranged from depression, dementia, bipolar disorder, addiction, schizophrenia and anxiety, to name a few. I've also helped people struggling with life's many questions that had left them feeling incapacitated, anxious & distraught.

I offer care that is evidence-based, balanced and holistic. Your options will involve psychotherapy, guidance, support and if necessary medication. My aim is to help you with a personalized care plan that you are in control of and completely comfortable with.